caillyette asked:
Wait so how do we enter the giveaway? I'm so confused???

The album’s already been sent to the first person who DMed me, haha. But I’m giving away another one soon! I’m going to be keep giving away albums until I get Kris in my XOXO album ha..ha.. ha…… Anyway. All you have to do is DM me with your address. Whoever DMs me first, I just send them the album. You have to be a US resident - that’s the only requirement.

I’m giving away another XOXO soon, so keep your eye out :D

As I said I would, here is my XOXO (Hug Version) giveaway. It’s got a Tao photocard. Just as before, there is no need to follow/reblog, although it would be appreciated.

  • USA residents only please
  • Remember to DM me your address.

C r y i n g

momo-tea asked:
Are the EXO Miracles in December albums still available?

sorry, no >< but i’m giving away an xoxo with a tao photocard soon.


I have a lot of extra Miracles in December lying around, so I’m giving both the Korean and the Chinese versions away to one person. Neither of them have the snowglobe. I don’t know where they went.. But if you want the album, please DM me.

  • Please DM me your address. Whoever DMs me first with their address will get the two albums.
  • No need to reblog or follow me or whatever.
  • Please, US residents only. Shipping costs way too much overseas. ⇒

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Short list of things to help keep hope + addressing Kris rumors. ⇒




I had to do it here because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload more than one image for the ask T~T

SM recently hung up an ad promoting Overdose in their new SM Museum in LA. I drove all the way to Korea Town to make sure that there were 12 guys and indeed, OT12 were there. In the middle of…

Okay, my last giveaway, because I finally got my Kris photocards »

Giving away:

1. Miracles in December (Chinese)

  • This one doesn’t have the snowglobe.

2. XOXO (Hug)

  • Tao photocard

3. Growl (Hug)

  • Suho photocard

As before, only USA residents, please. When you DM me, tell me what your preferences are, and I’ll send the first three people one album each according to preferences.

Question: I have an extra Overdose_M and an Miracle in December_M, but I kind of… want to keep the photocard and the globe in them LOL would people be interested in them at all if I gave them away without the photocards?